Located in the heart of Saigon, inside the Union Square Shopping Center building, S&S Art Gallery is a newly launched art space but soon becomes an interesting destination for art lovers and collectors. Currently, S&S Art Gallery is displaying the works of two great artists: Cyril Kongo and Hom Nguyen, bringing with them new spiritual treats for the Vietnamese people. 

Cyril Kongo was born in 1969 and Hom Nguyen was born in 1972. Both of them have outstanding artistic backgrounds, with full respect by the international music industry. With the demand from inspiring local art-loving audiences, both artists are eager to put their works on display in Saigon, immersing themselves in the Vietnamese cultural experience in their upcoming journeys.

S&S Art Gallery project: Contemporary art corner in the heart of Saigon

Surrounded by monumental cultural works such as the Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, this area has always been the cradle of cultural exchanges of the city's intellectuals. Fast-paced movement plays a role as the sound, the face and the heartbeat of the city, where famous artists, playwrights, writers and poets have inspired and produced many outstanding pieces of art.

S&S Art Gallery is contemporary, minimalist and street-style. It means to be a place for young people to enjoy, get inspired and create. The evocative, friendly and inviting design is purposefully chosen. Besides, the exhibition of two international contemporary artists Cyril Kongo and Hom Nguyen is good news for local art lovers. Besides that, S&S Art Gallery is the home of the Calligraphy Graffiti works of Cyril Kongo – Mr. Colorful; dialogue with portraits in the style of free expression, fresh, street sound, soulful and eyes that speak, honoring the faces of Asian women, performed by "the holder of memory" Hom Nguyen.

Despite being well-recognized by the international audiences, two famous artists Hom Nguyen and Cyril Kongo Phan have never forgotten their roots. “In art, there is no limit, no matter who you are, how old you are, where you come from, it is never too late for a start” – Hom Nguyen shared. Above all, the two artists want to become part of the Vietnamese cultural flow and encourage artists in their homeland to boldly put Vietnamese art on the international map.

S&S Art Gallery is a convergence of artistic quintessence in general and an art space in particular. They desire to be a bold connection between the sentimental value of art and the taste of the audience. Art is supposed to be the pleasure for one’s eyes and the feed for their soul. May this gallery grow and welcome art-lovers from all over the world. 

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